Network Topology Diagram

3D Topology optimization - The entire process of network diagram creation is well-known for the most network administrators. In this post, we will try to answer the issue: why an IT manager must know the network topology and try to should have it before his eyes. Also, we are going to review every one of the technique of the network topology discovery and network diagram creation with all the specialized software.

3D Topology optimization - To start with, it's worth to say, the choice of network hardware and software utilized in a business is dependent upon the network topology. But the topology, in turn, depends on the company's requirements and needs. Thus, the competent network topology boosts the efficiency of all the organization and allows you never to distract your colleagues if someone of the LAN components falls out. Additionally, the intimate knowledge of the network topology permits the IT manager to evaluate its bottlenecks, also to plan further connections with the network devices and PCs better. Apart from everything else, the device administrator must detect and recover any network failure as fast as possible. If the company's network is complex and consists of dozens or hundreds PCs, servers, switches, printers, and other devices, it's not always possible to know very well what the issue is where to visit recover the failure. With the network diagram you always could view and try to understand in which the defective device is, on which floor, where office, etc.

But let's say you are a newbie in the organization and have been sent by outsourcing company to fix specified problems? In this instance, discovering and building the network diagram topology may take greater than one hour, of course, if the network is rather complex, this action may take even a few days. What are the instruments that enable drawing the network diagram effortlessly? If there are switches supporting the SNMP protocol on the network, the device administrator may use the specialized network discovery software that is available on the market. Miracle traffic bot allows creating network diagrams automatically. All the process will take a couple of steps:

1. Install the network diagrammer program on the admin's PC.

2. Scan your entire network so that you can detect all the network devices. If the switches keep the SNMP protocol, this system will detect connections between devices automatically.

3. If some connections between devices haven't been detected because of some reasons (as an example, the existing security policy does not allow using the SNMP protocol on some devices), the machine administrator can complete and draw the diagram manually with all the internal diagram editor. Also, the guy can arrange devices by groups as they arranged by the rooms and offices inside the company's building, draw areas, and add necessary labels.

The network topology diagram is ready. All of the devices which can be attached to the LAN, and links together can be found on the map.

So, the network mapping process takes three steps only, but these 3 steps can help you to enhance your LAN reliability, your employees and also the entire organization. Developing a network topology diagram will save you system administrator's nerves and time, allowing him to resolve more essential issues related to the network operation, including, optimizing and upgrading the device, analyzing the LAN structure, maintaining the technical documentation, etc.